Creation of the Mulmur Fund

Gord Gallaugher, President of the Dufferin Community Foundation receives the first contribution to the Mulmur Community Fund with a cheque presented by Janet Horner, Mayor of the Township of Mulmur.

The Board of Directors of the Dufferin Community Foundation is pleased to announce the creation of the Mulmur Community Fund, held within the Dufferin Community Foundation.

Gord Gallaugher, Foundation President hopes this will be the first of several community funds. He explains “Community Foundations can be an arms-length holder and manager of gifts to support community projects not generally associated with municipalities. Our aim is to leverage more and larger gifts or bequests for community well-being since the funds are held independently.” If you live in or are connected to Mulmur township, you can help improve the quality of life in Mulmur by donating to the Mulmur Community Fund. Grants will be provided from the fund to advance projects in a wide variety of areas that can be shown to do just that, projects such as trail development, recreation activities and projects, arts and culture, heritage, environmental projects, and many other projects not typically offered by government funding.

Mayor Janet Horner couldn’t be more excited! “The residents of Mulmur are known for their generosity and contributions to the community. While the immediate need is to lift our community through Covid, over time, the Mulmur Community Fund will grow and provide project money for many initiatives that improve the quality of life in our special place.” The Mulmur Community Fund provides a vehicle for residents of Mulmur, or anyone interested in life in Mulmur, to leave a legacy and to build for the future.

All funds held by the Foundation are open, meaning  anyone may contribute at any time to this or any of the funds held by the Foundation. Find out more on our website.

How to donate