Did you know that children who have a Big Brother or Big Sister have improved mental health, they do better at school and feel a great sense of connection to their community?

We love the impact that Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dufferin District have on kids in our community. In the words of Austin, now 16 who lost his dad at age 2: “My Big Brother Richard is obviously a role model for me because I spent most of my life without a male role model. So he plays a big role in my life. I mean there is so many things we do I could never do with my Mom. And those small things mean so much. My Mom would never get caught dead under a car with oil on her hands or shoot a rocket I just built 700ft in the air. Richard teaches me so much and gets me to teach myself things. It’s even better when I teach him things. He gives me a different style and outlook on life and I look forward to seeing him every weekend whether we are at his house or at the Sportsman Show or seeing a movie. I love hanging out with Richard and appreciate how much he puts into being my Big Brother. I like having another person that I can rely on and wants the best for me”. Dufferin County would not be the same without organizations like this doing great work. To get involved https://dufferin.bigbrothersbigsisters.ca/


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