Booster Grants

As the Dufferin Community Foundation has invested in the community over the past few years, our support has blossomed.

The enthusiastic response to our Mini-Grant challenge “What if we had another $1000 in our budget for next year?” convinced us that this was a winning opportunity for charitable organizations in Dufferin to support an existing project.  Not only did the recipients add to their budgets, but they also gained wider exposure through media coverage of our Fall event at the Adamo Estate Winery and year-round outreach in the community.


This year, our sponsors have raised the bar. We are pleased to introduce new Booster Grants at $1500.00 to pump up your budget for an existing project or for a project or program you would like to introduce in 2021.

The new Booster Grant theme, “What if we could count on another $1500 in our budget next year?”,  expresses our confidence that you can make it happen. And we’re hoping to share your story with an even wider audience – both of applicants and of potential donors.

As a charitable organization currently serving the Dufferin community, you are invited to participate in our Booster Grants by applying on-line or by mail. The winning applicants will be featured in Telling Our Story on our website, in our annual report to the community, and in our social media networks. And each of them will receive a cheque for $1500 directly from the sponsor.

To assist you in completing the application, our panel of experienced reviewers has improved our Guidelines.  Through these changes and tips on our website, we hope to shed more light on our criteria for scoring the applications and make your job easier.

Please let us know if you still have questions or suggestions.

Closed for 2020