2020 Emergency Community Support Fund Round 2 Grant recipient.

COVID 19 has been with us for over 7 months now with many ups and downs along the way. We have, through several grants been able to increase our use of technology to deliver supports and services to the people who come to us for help. We have 14 programs consisting of 13 group homes and one day program.

To date we have been able to provide additional technological supports to a third of our homes. With the purchase of smart tv’s, tablets, and google nests, people are now able to Facetime with their families, interact virtually with their friends in other homes, and participate in the virtual Options programs that they miss attending, play online games together and have dance parties to keep themselves active. Having the ability to communicate daily has greatly improved morale along with their physical and emotional well being. This grant will allow us to continue to modernize 4 more of our homes by giving us the means to purchase the equipment to adapt our program models to meet this new reality. Without these tools it continues to be difficult for CLD to make the necessary changes to support individuals and their families safely in this new world of COVID 19. As we enter winter and our ability to allow families to visit safely in our backyards with their loved ones is cut short by weather, this technology will be even more vital to continue to enable communication, making the winter months easier for both the people we support and their families.