Community Living Dufferin provides a Light at the End of the Tunnel (LET)

We were very grateful at Community Living Dufferin (CLD) to have received a Dufferin Emergency Support Fund grant. The additional monies have been instrumental in giving people with intellectual disabilities a “Light at the End of the Tunnel” when their employment is being interrupted by COVID-19, and when costs for food, housing and bills are also skyrocketing.

From left-right: Dufferin Community Foundation’s Michele Fisher, Gord Gallaugher and MaryAnn Lowry present a cheque to Diane Slater and Robert Bingham from Community Living Dufferin.

One lady who benefited in particular was able to get some much-needed dental work done. This dental work was desperately needed as it was causing her a great deal of pain, yet she could not afford it on her own due to the difficult times she was experiencing.

Another person supported by CLD was able to access holistic medications and coaching to address issues caused by poor nutritional choices. This has helped her immensely!

Thank you once again for your generosity which enabled us to assist people with intellectual disabilities through these very difficult times.

Community Living Dufferin received $2,000 from our 2022 Dufferin Emergency Support Fund to increase wellness visits by 20% and offer clients interest-free loans to make ends meet.

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