Community Living Dufferin

2020 Emergency Community Support Fund Grant recipient.  The closure of our Options program meant people who normally enjoyed daily leisure programs were left without social engagement with their friends and families.

With the ECSF donation we purchased smart TV’s for our homes, allowing people to connect to the newly created virtual programs from Options, watch Netflix movies and FaceTime with family and friends providing a larger visual than afforded by a phone or tablet.

We built Boredom Buster Boxes which are geared to peoples’ interests containing craft supplies, games, movies, and sensory items. The contents are cleaned and exchanged each week.

We purchased a washer/dryer for the Options/SIL programs to eliminate their laundry from being sent to one of the homes, lessening the risk of possible COVID spread.

This donation was greatly appreciated as it helped us to adapt our service delivery to meet the needs of the people we support during this challenging time.

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