2020 Emergency Community Support Fund Round 2 Grant recipient.

Imagine for a moment that you have a disability; one that prevents you from fulfilling your dreams, from sharing your creativity, from being all that you can be. For many, in our community, this is their reality. The Creative Partners on Stage (C.P.O.S.) originated with the idea to serve the neuro-diverse community by opening the discussion on accessibility, equality and opportunity. Developed in collaboration with Community Living Dufferin (CLD), C.P.O.S. is a performance-based program that helps participants build confidence, develop interpersonal skills, and explore self-expression in a safe space. The program drives the agenda of real inclusion and change by breaking down attitudinal and physical barriers and helping to educate our community on the incredible abilities of adults with developmental disabilities. Showing first-hand, how one’s involvement in theatre can change lives, inspire confidence and bring a sense of belonging and recognition within their community.

Website https://www.theatreorangeville.ca/celebrate-ability/cpos