Dufferin Community Foundation Launches the Dufferin Emergency Support Fund

Helping Dufferin Charities Survive the COVID-19 Emergency

In the midst of the sudden, immediate shock and staggering impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Dufferin Community Foundation has taken the unprecedented step of opening the Dufferin Emergency Support Fund. Rather than concentrate exclusively on building endowed funds, which focus their earnings on specific uses over the long term, the Foundation will pool donations to this fund and grant them to those local charities deemed most in need within the next 3 months to a year. 


According to Gord Gallaugher, Chair of the Foundation, the current need is clear and immediate. “In times of adversity,” he says, “our communities pull together in support of our most vulnerable.  We have been checking in with our charitable partners across the county. We all recognize that Dufferin will get through this disruption – our businesses will re-open, our restaurants will once again flourish, and we will embrace family and friends. But how will this play out long term for our charities?”


“How will the loss of revenue from cancelled events affect the ability of our charities to provide the services so many of our most vulnerable have come to depend upon?  Cancellation of fundraising events affects not only service organizations hosting them, but also their ability to provide grants to others. That, coupled with the loss of revenue charities will experience from cancelling their own fundraising events puts charities in a vulnerable position.”


And thus, on April 7, 2020, the Dufferin Community Foundation Board approved an addition to normal operations: “Our efforts continue to provide sustainable sources of funding for the local charities, whose programs and services are vital to a healthy community. We have already planned to increase our small grant program this year, but ‘business as usual’ will not be enough. In that spirit, we are reaching out to the community and our local charities to encourage working together, embracing the concept of the power of many.”


The formal announcement of the Dufferin Emergency Support Fund notes: “We continue to be inspired by the spirit of philanthropy in Dufferin County and urge anyone who is in a financial position to donate to do so. Our collective efforts today support sustainability for generations to come. We can’t come together physically, we can pull together while staying apart.

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April 15, 2020
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