October 16, 2020 , Orangeville Citizen

By Paula Brown

Local community programs and services now have access to a second round of funding through the Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF) – supporting organizations as they continue to respond to COVID-19. 

Dufferin Community Foundation announced on Oct. 5 that, through the ECSP, a second round of funding up to $50,000 would be available to support critical programs and services within the community. The first round of grants took place throughout June and July, with Dufferin Community Foundations distributing $112,000 across the county. 

In 2020, Dufferin charities’ word of the day was ‘pivot’. The first wave of ECSF provided timely fuel for necessary twists and turns in delivering service to our most vulnerable residents. But, even as brilliant innovators, many of our ECSF grant recipient were also struggling with massive shortfalls due to cancelled fundraising events,” explained Mary Ann Lowry, Grants Convener for Dufferin Community Foundation. “Our Grants Committee sees the second wave as timed just right to sustain current efforts through the end of the year. And, with the COVID-19 creativity in Dufferin charities, we shouldn’t be surprised if some short-term coping measures translate into long-term best practices.” 

While applications are now open for the funding, Gallaugher notes that there are three aspects they are looking at for organizations to qualify for the grant. Organizations applying must have charitable status, the project has to serve the need of the County of Dufferin and how the program is serving a disadvantaged population. 

A total of 13 organizations in Dufferin County were chosen for the grant in the first round, which Gallaugher said they were “quite satisfied” to the response. 

For some organizations, it’s a lifeline, because their fundraising ability is down and for some the demand is substantially up,” said Gord Gallaugher, president of Dufferin Community Foundation. “For some organizations, it’s actually an opportunity to deliver their service more effectively or more efficiently.” 

In the second round of funding, recipients from the first round are also able to apply, but will have to have a different project this time around said Gallaugher. 

Source: http://citizen.on.ca/?p=19110