Are you eligible for a grant?

Our grants program is 100% local, which means that in order to qualify for a grant, you must serve residents in all or part of Dufferin County.

We are also only able to fund organizations recognized by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as a registered charity or a “qualified donee.”  We cannot give grants to individuals.

What if we aren’t a registered charity?

Groups without charitable registration may be sponsored by a qualified donee, provided that the sponsoring organization agrees to be jointly accountable with the applicant for the use of the grant with signed legal documentation.

Sponsor agreement forms will be available within the grant application form or you can download one here.

All applicants must review the grant criteria to determine whether their program will be eligible for each particular grant. It’s a good idea to verify that your organization qualifies for the grant program prior to submitting an application.

If you would like to discuss your project before completing an application, please contact Executive Director Michele Fisher at or 519-938-0780.