For Donors


Community is at the heart of who we are and what we do.

Our sole purpose is supporting those charities that need financial and other resources to continue serving Dufferin County. Based on the model of income-earning, permanent endowment funds, donations to the Foundation will provide funding to community charities in perpetuity. Imagine a future where charities spend most of their time delivering the programs and services they were intended to, not on fund-raising.

Tax benefits are immediate and may be substantial depending on income, how the gift is structured and other factors. We recommend that you consult with your accountant and/or financial advisor to ensure you receive the best tax treatment possible.


We set up our own family fund within the Dufferin Community Foundation to support the community that has given us so much. We like the idea of leaving a family legacy where the gifts are made from an endowment that generates investment revenue forever. The total grants made by the Foundation over time can far surpass the initial funding.

Greenwood Family

Corporate Circle Members, Donor Advised Fund Holders

Reasons to Give

Tax-Smart Giving Solutions

Your donation can be by cash, cheque, credit card or electronic funds transfer – one time or pre-authorized regular contributions. Give now or in your will. 

We are ideally suited to receive gifts of other assets – stocks and bonds, property structures as a trust, RRSP and RIFs, insurance policies –  an important part of your estate planning. 

Donations of appreciated securities quality for 100% capital gains exemption, provided they are not sold ahead of time.


Trusted Professional Management

Funds are invested at arms-length with a local professional firm.  Permanent endowed funds will always exist and continue to support valuable programs and services through a granting program. 

Pooled investing results in higher yields and more growth. The impact of your gift is multiplied, leaving a broad and lasting impact.

We are transparent, reputable and accountable to the community. We have the option of taking the long view; responding nimbly to emerging community needs and emergencies. 

Build your legacy

We work with you, as your partner in philanthropy to align your charitable giving to the greatest impact possible. Donate to one or more causes close to your heart. 

Family legacy doesn’t happen by accident and can be much more than leaving an inheritance. When your gift is endowed, the principal is never spent so your fund will continue – for generations. 

Give back to the community that nurtured you. You don’t need to be rich and it doesn’t need to be complicated. 

Ways to Give

Gifts of Cash

A straightforward way of making a gift to The Dufferin Community Foundation is by way of cash or cheque. This is an attractive form of gift for anyone who has cash available and wants to make an immediate donation. The Foundation is able to invest the donation to generate profit and support charity. You enjoy immediate tax savings.

Gifts of Appreciated Securities

This enables you to give the most to the Foundation for the least cost. With stocks, you only pay capital gains when you sell or “realize” the increase in the value of the stock over and above what you paid for it. When you donate securities to our charity, you do not pay tax on appreciated capital gains.  

Charitable Bequest

A bequest in a will may specify a certain sum of money, a particular asset, or a portion of an estate, to be donated to The Dufferin Community Foundation.  You may specify that a bequest be used to establish a new fund in your name, be added to an existing fund or be added to a fund that a family member has established. Talk to your lawyer or trusted advisor. 

Gifts of Retirement Funds

Use tax-deferred assets (RRSPs or RRIFs) accumulated for retirement to provide a gift to The Dufferin Community Foundation. Generally, the largest tax hit on an estate is for the remaining balance of an RRSP or RRIF on the death of the second spouse. This money can be taxed at more than 50% including probate fees. A donation would cancel out this tax. Talk to your financial advisor. 

Gifts of Insurance Policies

Update the beneficiary on your life insurance to include your charity.  While you are living, the insurance premiums are tax deductible. Afterward, the Dufferin Community Foundation would create a Family Fund from the insurance proceeds with your instructions on how to support the causes in Dufferin that are most important to you. There is an additional tax deduction if the policy has a cash surrender value. Talk to your life insurance agent.

Gifts of other Assets

The Foundation will consider gifts of other assets (property, art collections, royalty interests, closely held corporate securities) on an individual basis because there are a number of factors to consider with each type of gift. Contact us directly if you are considering making this type of donation.

The key reason we donate to the Dufferin Community Foundation is their knowledge of the charitable sector in Dufferin and their ability to direct funds to the areas of greatest need, supporting more than one charity. As donors, we do not need to do that research ourselves and are assured that funds will go where they are needed most.

Ken Mikoliew and Caroline Mach

Founders Circle members, Annual Donors