For Donors


Reasons to Give

Benefits to Donors

  • Choice of several easy and convenient ways to donate
  • A charitable tax receipt for the amount donated (CRA Charitable Registration # 78021 9911 RR0001)
  • Donating can lessen your Capital Gains tax
  • Donors can give a gift to an established endowed fund or take the opportunity to create their own endowment to support one or more of their favourite charities
  • A single gift can be directed to multiple charitable organizations or causes
  • Gifts can be anonymous if the donor wishes


Trusted endowment investing with local professional firm

  • All endowed funds are pooled and professionally managed.
  • Pooled investing results in higher yields and more growth of endowed funds
  • Permanence: the endowed funds will always exist and continue to support the community
  • A cost-effective alternative to a private foundation

Your community benefits from your donation

  • Grants to local charities ensure donors’ gifts stay in the area
  • Quality of life in local communities are enhanced through projects and programs of charities focused in Dufferin County
  • Adaptable with the needs of our communities as times change
  • All aspects and operations of The Dufferin Community Foundation are governed by a volunteer board of local leaders. The Foundation is not tied to any particular group or agenda

You choose the most convenient method of gifting

  • Donation by cash, cheque, credit card or electronic funds transfer (one time gift or pre-authorized regular contributions)
  • Donate online through Canada Helps – or by contacting us directly
  • Transfer of stocks and/or bonds
  • Change your beneficiary on RRSPs or RIFs so a portion goes to charity
  • Name the Foundation as beneficiary of Insurance Policies
  • Designate a portion of your estate in a Will and/or Bequest
  • Real estate and other assets may be considered at the discretion of the Foundation
  • Find out more 

Tax Benefits

The Dufferin Community Foundation is a registered charity. The government offers tax credits for donating to a charity.


  • Tax benefits may depend on your income
  • Tax benefits may depend on the structure of your gift
  • You can donate almost any type of asset: cash, stocks, property structures as a trust, insurance policy, estate bequest.  Non-cash assets will be converted to cash and the proceeds invested.

We recommend that you consult with your accountant and/or financial advisor(s) to ensure you receive the best tax treatment possible.

Ways to Give

Anyone can be a philanthropist.  You don’t need extreme wealth and it doesn’t have to be complicated.  Giving to the Dufferin Community Foundation is simple:  we provide the flexibility and knowledge to help you make the difference you want to make, right here at home.  Giving can take place now, or be established in your will as part of your estate plan.  We offer a variety of giving tools including:

Gifts of Cash

A very straightforward way of making a gift to The Dufferin Community Foundation is by way of cash or cheque.  This is an attractive form of gift for anyone who has cash available and wants to make an immediate donation. The Foundation is able to invest the donation to generate profit to support charity, and you enjoy immediate tax savings.

Gifts of other Assets

The Foundation will consider gifts of other assets (property, art collections, royalty interests, closely held corporate securities) on an individual basis because there are a number of factors to consider with each type of gift.  Please contact our office if you are considering this type of donation.

Gifts of Appreciated Securities

This enables you to give the most to The Dufferin Community Foundation for the least cost.  The 2006 Federal Budget reduced the capital gains inclusion rate for these donations to zero.  In effect, taxpayers can now donate qualifying securities with appreciated gains to a charity and not have to pay any tax on the capital gain that would otherwise have been realized.

Gifts of Insurance Policies

A gift of life insurance, by either making The Foundation the owner and beneficiary of an existing policy or purchasing a new policy and making annual premium payments, has benefits.  It allows you to make a significant gift at a fraction of the value from their disposable income. The annual payments are generally modest and eligible for tax credit, giving annual income tax relief.  Find out more about gifts of life insurance.

Charitable Bequest

A bequest in a will may specify a certain sum of money, a particular asset, or a portion of an estate, to be donated to The Dufferin Community Foundation.  You may specify that a bequest be used to establish a new fund in your name, be added to an existing fund or be added to a fund that a family member has established.  Find out more about providing a gift in your will.

Gifts of Retirement Funds

Use tax-deferred assets (RRSPs or RRIFs) accumulated for retirement to provide a gift to The Dufferin Community Foundation.  Convert an ‘end of life’ tax liability into a meaningful gift. It also allows you to retain control to easily make revisions should your future circumstances change.

Where to Give: Types of Funds


As a donor, you can choose the impact you would like to have by directing your gifts towards a sector (children, food insecurity, health, environment, education, etc.) or be more specific (select one or more charities that are close to your heart).


Choose your impact

There are 4 main giving options.  Choose the one that is right for you

How to Donate

There are three simple ways you can donate:



Please call us and we can process your donation information by telephone or set up a meeting to discuss your giving preferences in person;



Contact us to discuss

246372 Hockley Rd. Mono, ON L9W 6K4


You can make an immediate donation online to any existing fund in any amount through The Dufferin Community Foundation page on the Canada Helps website.  There is a small administrative fee charged by Canada Helps for this process.