For Grant Seekers


The Dufferin Community Foundation will begin making grants once initial gifts begin creating investment income.  The Dufferin Community Foundation will be making charitable grants on behalf of their donors that promote and support community initiatives.

Grant applications will be reviewed by The Dufferin Community Foundation Board of Directors.  Please check our website for future granting schedules and criteria details.  To ensure you do not miss a funding opportunity, we encourage charitable community organizations to read our blog, and visit our website monthly to view updates to the granting schedule.

Who is eligible to apply for a grant?

Only organizations providing programs and services to Dufferin County residents, and recognized by Revenue Canada as a registered charity or qualified donee can apply for grants.  Groups without charitable registration may be sponsored by a “qualified donee” provided the sponsoring body agrees to be jointly accountable with the applicant for the use of the grant with signed legal documentation.

For definition re “qualified donee” go to:  Sponsor agreement forms will be available within the application form for grants once they are open.  

All applicants must review the grant criteria to determine eligibility and to learn more about what we do and do not fund.  Your organization should verify that it qualifies for the grant program prior to submitting an application.  If you would like to discuss your project before completing an application, please contact us.

Criteria for Grants

We are currently developing our grant criteria.  Please check back for final specifications when we announce our call for grant applications.

Preferred funding areas

The Dufferin Community Foundation is encouraging donors and sponsors to support the following funds, so future grant applications will reflect their purpose:

  1. The Dufferin Vision Fund: This is a general fund from which invested earnings are used to address the area of greatest need in Dufferin in any given time period.  We will develop granting criteria that reaches the broad categories of:
    • Stepping Stones: addressing basic needs, helping individuals and families to embrace and participate in today’s Dufferin community
    • Thriving Community: encouraging participation of all residents in expanded experiences to nurture Dufferin’s legacy
    • New Horizons: creating an incubation culture to position Dufferin as a leader and a place to shape the future
  1. Field of Interest Fund: These are designated funds whose earnings provide ongoing support for programs and projects within a donor’s particular field of interest, such as:
    • arts and culture
    • heritage
    • post-secondary education support
    • social and health programs
    • fostering community participation, including volunteerism and leadership

Criteria for Selection

All applications for grants from The Dufferin Community Foundation will be reviewed to determine their eligibility.

All eligible applications will be reviewed by the DCF Board of Directors and assessed based on:

  • submissions that address the stated guidelines in our call for grants
  • broad geographic representation with Dufferin
  • project/program quality:
    • SMART standard: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound
    • success/progress metrics that address activity, output and anticipated outcomes

The Community Wellbeing report published by Headwaters Communities in Action may be used as a tool to identify priority areas of need within our community. That report is available here.


How to Apply

The Dufferin Community Foundation will announce a “call for grants” throughout the media, social media and on our website.  Please ensure you and your organization are on our mailing list so that you receive important announcements and reminders.