How does an annual Booster Grant fit into our DCF mission?

You may be wondering how an annual Booster grant sponsored for $1500 fits within the DCF mission to build income-earning, permanent endowment funds. Surely the two models are incompatible – or at least, confusing. 

Fair question.  Here’s the reality: our local charities need the help to keep existing programs running right now. At DCF, the spirit is willing and the endowments are building. But they’re just not big enough yet! 

Meanwhile, we are putting the groundwork in place to be the funding and granting agency of choice in Dufferin.

  •  We learn more and more each year about where the areas of greatest need and opportunity are found.
  • We stretch the funds by helping build collaborations among charitable organizations serving similar groups and by offering our website as a platform to tell their stories
  • We and the Booster Grant sponsors are doing what we can right now. 

We are not confused about the goal. We call on you to work with us to have $10 million in endowment funds within ten years.



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