Jim Cuddy Jamboree Forever! 

Photos and memories from the concert 2022

It was the kind of night that you wished would last forever… and in a way it did. The Jim Cuddy Jamboree at Lyric Pond this past July netted $26,000, with half being directed to our Environment Fund and the other half to our Arts & Culture Fund.

Since both funds are permanent charitable endowments, the annual income is invested right back into the community, every year, forever.

Heather MacEachern, Norm MacEachern and Bill Duron are flanked by Gord Gallaugher (l) and Michele Fisher (r) from Dufferin Community Foundation.

Getting ready for the big night. It’s all about the people.

Not even torrential rains could dampen the good times.

The music… The best. Jim Cuddy and his remarkable band.

We are indebted to hosts Bill Duron (l) and Melody Duron, Jim Cuddy (c), event organizers Heather MacEachern (r) and Norm MacEachern, and the volunteers, sponsors and musicians who made the event so outstanding.

We were honoured to be your charity partner.

Photo credits: Heather MacEachern, Trixie Bobrovniczky, Michele Fisher and Peter Richardson