Meet the Leadership Team of the Dufferin Community Foundation

Gord Gallaugher, Chair of the Board of Directors, sums up why this team is so committed to creating a lasting impact in Dufferin County. “Our local charities expend so much time, effort and resources on fundraising every year, resources that could be better spent delivering the services they were created to deliver. Community foundations create a new, sustainable pool of funds that will be used to support local charitable work, freeing up some of their resources for more program delivery. Local giving via payroll deductions, like United Way, are poorly supported in Dufferin, and yet, individuals can be highly supportive of local institutions  like the theatre, hospitals, hospice, etc. Community foundations tap into that generosity of spirit. When people know what services they are supporting, and knowing  that all grants are to local charities only, helping out friends and neighbours in our own community, they give generously. With almost 200 community foundations nationally, and with each of our neighbouring counties being served by a community foundation, it really was time for Dufferin County to have its community foundation too.  Money is raised locally, and spent locally” 

Adds Joan Waechter, philanthropist, donor and Board member ” It’s an opportunity to come together and support our community. I have seen first hand how well it works! I also love the idea of family setting up their own Foundations and facilitating them through DCF.  We need to understand that we are not in competition with other charities and foundations, and are here to help and support them – Together, we can make quite a difference and impact in our community. “

Reach out to any member of our Leadership Team with your questions and to find out how you can be part of this exciting addition to Dufferin’s charitable sector. 

L to R – Shirley Boxem, Board Secretary. Steve Doney, Board Treasurer. Debbi Goss Marketing/Outreach. Laura Ryan, Board member. Gord Gallaugher, Chair of Board. Avery Delisle, Finance. Joan Waechter, Board member. Mary Ann Lowry, Vice-Chair of Board. Paul Sutcliffe, Board member. Missing Michele Perry Marketing/Outreach 

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