Mini Grants Program


Will you pass the eligibility tests for the 2019 mini-grants?

Make sure you clarify your eligibility. It will save you time and effort. There are two tests:

  1. Charitable Status
  2. Dufferin Community Impact

Charitable Status

Although charity and non-profit are often used interchangeably, only one of them is automatically eligible for the mini-grant. The quickest check is your charitable number (It ends in RR0001). If you have it, move to the next test. If you don`t qualify at this time, you might want to consider

  1. Applying for charitable status – it takes a while, but opens the doors to more sources of funds.
  2. Formalizing a partnership agreement with a qualified organization. One of last year`s mini-grant winners, Bravery Park, secured a very valuable partnership with the City of Orangeville.

Dufferin Community Impact

The project that your application describes must have direct impact on Dufferin residents. If your organization spans more than one county, be sure to identify the size and scope of the work that will affect Dufferin – either for volunteers or recipients of your services. If your project is specific to one community within Dufferin, consider how other parts of Dufferin might benefit indirectly from the project.

We’ll kick the 2019 grant process into high gear by posting the application form on June 28.

Application deadline is August 12.