Mini Grants Program

All of our grants answer to the needs of the Dufferin community. That’s why we listen hard and seek out good ideas from our partners in philanthropy. For example, in planning the launch of The Dufferin Community Foundation in 2018, , we asked a wise Dufferin resident what would help our community partners and potential donors see the benefit of our role as a longer term source of funding for their own vision of Dufferin. The answer: ‘’Show them the money!”

To be honest, we wrestled with the idea. Our key mandate is to build endowments so that we can use the earnings to issue grants forever. The idea of giving out cheques before the money had a chance to create investment earnings seemed contrary to the plan. But our advisor knew the community. And that idea has produced amazing results.

We are truly grateful for the caring individuals and companies that stepped forward with enthusiasm to sponsor our popular mini-grant program in 2018 and 2019, truly embodying the concept of “the power of many.”

We asked Dufferin’s charitable community one simple question: “What would you do with an extra $1,000 in the budget for an existing project?” And they responded with the passion and spirit that exemplifies Dufferin County.

MaryAnn Lowry, Vice-Chair of the Board and Grant Convener sums up “It has been inspiring to learn first-hand about the range and quality of charitable programs in Dufferin. They don’t just fill gaps, they contribute to making Dufferin a distinctive, vibrant community. Although the $1,000 mini-grant does not cover the full cost of the project or program, these organizations have figured out how to create real impact with the resources available. These projects exemplify the values of the Foundation – legacy and leverage, best practices in the use of funds and program management.” Read their stories of impact here.

For 2020, we’ve upped the ante – stay tuned for news about how to sponsor and apply  for our Booster Grant program this August.