Our Funds

Endowed Funds

Your gift is permanently invested, so the annual income can support charitable causes – forever!

The Dufferin Vision Fund

A great way to support causes of the most current concern. Community needs can change quickly and from year to year. Using research tools such as Vital Signs, these unrestricted funds direct grants to meet ever-changing community priorities. Our deep connections to the community and knowledge of the charitable sector ensure we address the most pressing of those needs.

Arts, Culture and Heritage Fund

Dufferin County boasts a diverse and active cultural sector that contributes to community vitality and helps us stay connected. Making the arts a priority in our community not only enriches us culturally, it makes a valuable contribution to our local economy through tourism and as a business attractor. Your donation to this fund supports sustainable funding for  the arts as we provide grants annually to those groups who demonstrate the greatest need from year to year.

Environment Fund

The magnificent natural heritage of Dufferin County is seeing increased pressure from the effects of climate change, loss of biodiversity and population growth. A healthy environment is not only essential to our health, it affects our quality of life and threatens our air and water.

Your donation to this fund strengthens local initiatives and supports solutions that will leave this a better place for the next generation. Grants from this fund  will champion stewardship, protection, education and public participation to address complex environmental issues.

Mulmur Community Fund

If you live in or are connected to Mulmur township, you can help improve the quality of life of the people of Mulmur by donating to this Fund. Grants will be provided to advance projects in a wide variety of areas that can be shown to do just that. This could include projects such as trail development, recreation activities, arts and culture, heritage, environmental projects, and many other projects not typically offered by government funding.

Non-Endowed Funds

Gifts to these funds are available use at any time.

Dufferin Emergency Support Fund

The greatest need in our community right now is to support charities suffering from the effects of the COVID 19 epidemic – either by overwhelming demand for services or from lack of fundraising opportunities, or both. So many needs, which one to support? Donate to the Emergency Support fund and the Foundation will make those decisions for you, based on our extensive knowledge of the charitable sector in Dufferin.

DCF Sustainability Fund

Your gift to support operations is vital.  The Board and Committee members at a community foundation are all volunteers from the local community who serve without compensation, so overhead costs can be kept low. However, there are ongoing costs for annual audits, reporting to CRA, and insurance. Eventually,  as the funds grow in number and size, there will be need for a staff member to manage the details. Over time, income over-and-above operating expenses will be applied to the endowed Dufferin Vision Fund.