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Choose YOUR Impact!

Choose your impact

There are 4 main giving options.  Choose the one that is right for you

Establishing a Fund or giving to an existing Fund is simple and effective.  Any of the Funds outlined below can be established now or through a bequest in your will.  We will help you determine which Fund fits your needs best.  All gifts will be invested professionally, and a portion of the total value of the Fund is available each year for distribution to any registered Canadian charity.

The Dufferin Vision Fund

This is a general fund from which invested earnings are used to address the areas of greatest need in Dufferin County across all sectors.  This type of unrestricted fund allows your gift to be used to meet the ever-changing community needs and priorities, including those that may not even be known at the time you made your gift.  A gift in any amount, large or small, can be applied to this Fund.  There is a broad focus of impact for The Dufferin Vision Fund, and includes:

  • Stepping Stones: addressing basic needs, helping individuals and families to embrace and participate in today’s Dufferin community
  • Thriving Community: encouraging participation of all residents in expanded experiences to nurture Dufferin’s legacy
  • New Horizons: creating an incubation culture to position Dufferin as a leader and a place to shape the future

Dufferin Sustainability Fund

Major fundraising in the first few years will be dedicated to covering annual expenses and building reserves to increase earnings.  Your gift to support operations is vital.  The board and committee members at a community foundation are all volunteers from the local community who serve without compensation, so overhead costs can be kept low. However,  ongoing costs for annual audits, reporting to CRA, insurance and eventually, as the funds grow in number and size, there will be need for a staff member to manage the details. A gift in any amount, large or small, can be applied to this Fund.

Over time, income over-and-above operating expenses will be applied to the Dufferin Vision Fund.

Field of Interest Fund

You identify your area(s) of interest when you establish your Fund.  These are designated funds whose earnings provide ongoing support for programs and projects within your specified field of interest.  An example of this broad approach would be to direct support to charitable programs that help arts & culture programs or education or social & health programs, heritage or organizations that foster community participation.  The Dufferin Community Foundation directs grants on your behalf, ensuring it is in-keeping with your wishes.  Please contact us for more information on how to set up this type of fund.

Named Family Fund

Large endowed gifts are often named for a donor’s family or in memory of a loved one, or to address a need close to your heart.  These funds designate a specific charity/charities or program(s) as the recipient.  Each endowed fund is pooled with other investments, then invested together to ensure the highest rate of return as possible.   The Dufferin Community Foundation manages the annual distribution to the requested charities, as outlined by the donor in the initial fund agreement.  There is a minimum donation to establish this type of customized Fund.  Please contact us for details.

How are Funds managed?

Gifts are pooled and invested by a local reputable and trusted financial management firm, with strict oversight by our independent board of directors.


Be part of the DCF Corporate Circle!


  • Doing Good is good for business.  As an employer, philanthropic leadership can raise your profile, create networking opportunities, enhance your brand and improve employee morale
  • Tax benefits


  • Any donation of $5,000 or more is eligible

Direct contribution (cash), gifts-in-kind or sponsorships accepted