2020 Emergency Community Support Fund Grant recipient.

Feeling isolated during the pandemic has been an ongoing battle for many of us. When you’re used to attending a support group, not being able to connect with people, share experiences and not feel alone in your battle poses even more of a challenge. In order to support people living with Parkinson’s Disease during the pandemic, Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario was able to access funds through the Emergency Community Support Funds (ECSF) grants to pivot, and transition our support groups quickly to an online forum. 

Clients with Parkinson’s Disease in Dufferin County have been able to join community based online support groups, as well as access online counselling since shortly after the Covid-19 pandemic began. And with the support we’ve received, ongoing support, educational programming, and resources will continue to be made available for those suffering with Parkinson’s in Dufferin County at www.parkinsonsociety.ca .