TeleCheck – Headwaters Health Care Centre

We wish to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Dufferin Community Foundation for your generous support to TeleCheck. TeleCheck is a free, daily telephone check-in that supports independent living for adults 55+ in our community. At the beginning of the pandemic, we transitioned from our call centre to remote calling in a confidential space in our homes. We found that we had fewer volunteers available to work remotely than from our call centre.

Thankfully, our remote volunteers were able to provide additional time to ensure that current and newly registered members received a call as scheduled. During the pandemic, staff and volunteers increased  support to members feeling anxious, lonely, and isolated. This year, we have seen an increase in the number of registered members, some of whom receive more than one call a day, depending on their specific needs.

At the end of these calls, we regularly heard from members telling us they were grateful for the contact and often, ours was the only call they received every day. Through your generosity, we will ensure adequate staffing coverage while we increase the number of volunteers and extend our hours of operation to provide continued and additional support over the coming months. On behalf of staff, volunteers, and members, thank you for your meaningful and generous support. 


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