Thank you for an inspiring afternoon!

It was heart-warming to see so many community champions “Come Together for Dufferin” at Adamo Estate Winery on September 29th, and to hear about the impact the Dufferin Community Foundation is making.

Mini-grants were a big success!  Together as we continue to build funds, generous sponsors have also come forward to support and celebrate our mini-grant program. Truly, a testament to #thepowerofmany!  The purpose of the three $1000 mini-grants was to distribute funding to a variety of community organizations allowing them to enhance an existing, specific project or program in Dufferin County.  Mary Ann Lowry, Vice Chair of the Board of Directors and Grant Review convener sums it up “ It has been both touching and inspiring to learn first-hand about the range and quality of the charitable programs in Dufferin. Based solely on the applicants for these mini-grants, I can tell you that we have a wide range of assets across our whole county. They touch all generations. They support daily living and stimulate the biggest dreams for our future. They don’t just fill gaps: they contribute to making Dufferin a distinctive, vibrant community.  These programs make the most of our help. Although our $1000 mini-grants do not cover the full cost of a project or program, these organizations have figured out how to create real impact with the resources available. I feel confident in telling our sponsors that our recipients are practising good stewardship in the use of funds. They live and breathe best practices in project management. They collaborate with other charities and non-profits to make things happen. They gain impact by making smart use of volunteers. And they go out of their way to use fact-based measures of success”.

Read their stories of impact here.


The Dufferin Community Foundation helps build a new,  sustainable pool of endowment funds to support local charitable causes. Gifts, large or small are pooled, invested and distributed to worthy charitable causes in Dufferin County. You don’t need extreme wealth and it doesn’t need to be complicated to be a philanthropist! Giving to the Dufferin Community Foundation is simple: we provide the flexibility and knowledge to help you make the difference, right here at home. Giving can take place now, or be established in your will as part of your estate plan.  Find out more, talk to us or your trusted advisor




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