We pull together in support of each other

It seems a lifetime ago, yet it is only a matter of weeks since our collective worlds were turned upside down and daily lives disrupted. We look forward to the day when people can go about their business without the threat of this dreaded disease. Until then, we pull together in support of each other and our most vulnerable.

In this time of immediate need, we have turned our attention to harnessing “the power of many” in support of our most vulnerable by launching the Dufferin Emergency Support Fund. This will appeal to you if you are unsure which charity is most in need and rely on the Foundation to disburse funds where impact is a priority.

We are a relatively young organization; one whose impact will be measured over the course of years and decades. Our focus remains on building endowments so that we can reduce the number of annual charitable fundraising “asks” and increase their ongoing impact with sustainable resources.

You can be part of this legacy of enriched well-being in Dufferin County. – you don’t need extreme wealth and it doesn’t need to be complicated. Donate what you can when you can. Please consider a one time or monthly donation. You could allocate part of your gift to the Emergency Support Fund and part to interest-earning endowments. Your gift today is tomorrow’s legacy for Dufferin.

E-transfer info@dufferincommunityfoundation.ca

Donate by credit card online at Canada Helps

How to donate