Youthdale Riding Program

December 2019 recipient of the RBC Future Launch Community Challenge.

Work to Ride is fundamentally an employment experience and skill development opportunity offered in a uniquely supportive environment. We hope that a year from now we will have taken on ten Work to Ride students and equipped them with real, practical, employable skills in the equestrian industry. We are also relying on our magical horses, the very special group of people that make up our barn community, and our own abilities as team leaders to set this experience apart from other labour-exchange programs.

We hope that next year, our “graduates” might say that Work to Ride was a place where community connections were made, self-esteem grew and personal strengths developed. We also hope that they will say they were part of building a community where students not only felt safe and accepted to be their truest self, but were also able to see those true selves as important, valuable members of our team.

We are so grateful for RBC’s support of this mission, and speaking on behalf of our entire team, we promise to keep our commitment to this project and the goals that we have laid out for it. We are honoured to be able to one of the groups receiving this special grant and we are so excited to bring Work to Ride to life. Thank you for this opportunity, and thank you all for being here today to help us celebrate.

Youthdale Riding

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