Family Transition Place

Family Transition Place’s (FTP’s) Youth Education Program has been providing healthy-relationship education to youth in the Dufferin and Caledon communities since 2001. FTP has  remained committed to providing this programming despite the financial challenges and required changes to program delivery because of its importance and positive impact on youth. This programming builds self-esteem and encourages resiliency; skills vital to youth in supporting mental and emotional health. As a result, requests for the virtual presentations offered by our youth educators that focus on emotional well-being have increased substantially.

Recently, our youth educators finished a mental health and wellness presentation to a local grade 8 class and received an email from a parent that highlights the importance of this program, and the difference it can make:

Thank you so much for FTP programming! My child just popped downstairs…”Mom, the pills you take…are they for a mental health issue?” I explained, and we had a great conversation. They wanted to know what type of anxiety I experienced. I have always been concerned about my child’s mental health, so anything that has them coming, asking questions, engaging in these discussions on their terms, is valuable beyond belief, and I can’t thank you enough. I said, “Not everyone that experiences anxiety, or any mental health issue, requires medication. Some find other things that help them manage it. For me, medication makes a huge difference, and I need it.” Your education programming is opening a door to conversation with my child, and clearly getting them to think more about mental health during a time they most need it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You do GOOD work.

The Dufferin Community Foundation recently provided support for our Youth Education Program through a grant in the amount of $5,500. This significant boost of funds will help our Youth Education Team continue working towards adapting their program delivery, and opening the door to important conversations between youth and their family members. This is an extension of FTP’s commitment to building healthy communities, one relationship at a time.



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