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Join the Founders Circle – Help Get it Going!

A small but dedicated group is working to create this exciting new organization, that, through the creation of endowment funds, will create a new, sustainable income stream for making grants local charities and qualified donees in Dufferin County.

Start-up funds are needed to pay the costs of setting up the foundation, and to pay operating costs for at least 2 or 3 years. Make your donation now to the Dufferin Community Foundation. All funds collected for this project will be spent on the foundation start-up costs.

Donations of any amount gratefully accepted. Donations of $2500 or more makes you or your organization a member of the Founders Circle. Contact us to find out about the tax advantages of donating stock or securities.

Founders Circle benefits:

  • Donations of at least $2500 may be split over 2 tax years upon request but must be completed prior to December 31 2022.
  • Founders Circle members will be recognized on annual reports and web site, upon completion of donation.
  • Founders Circle members may enter discussions regarding greater involvement with the Dufferin Community Foundation.


Thank you to all the Founder’s Circle Members

Gord and Sandra Gallaugher

MaryAnn  Lowry

Town of Mono

Town of Shelburne

Shelburne Rotary Club

Ken Mikeliew and Caroline Mach

Paul Sutcliffe 

Town of Orangeville 

Trish Keachie


Joan and Paul Waechter

Sharon Martin

Ken and Gwynne McGhee

Huntly Christie and Nancy Wood

in memory of Jill Stephen

in memory of John and Mabel Doney

Debbi Goss and Karen Morrison

MacFeeters Family Fund at Toronto Foundation

Chris and Rhonda Gerrits

Corporate Circle